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Proud Lake Trail Riders Upcoming Events

A message from Nancy Efrusy of Proud Lake Trail Riders concerning their upcoming events. We are pleased to have them as an organization member of the Michigan Horse Council. You can learn more about the Proud Lake Trail Riders by visiting them at Proud Lake Trail Riders Association.

“Hey Everyone!!!
I realize it does not feel like Spring….but Spring IS coming!!!  
Proud Lake Trail Riders is very excited to share with you are events for the season.
On Sunday, June 3rd we will be rolling out a new ride called the GOURMET GALLOP.  We all love horses, riding and food so we thought we would combine all three.  This event will consist of riding to different destinations in Proud Lake and once you get there you will be served one course of a four course meal.  As with most of our events, we will start camping on Friday, June 1st and of course camp Saturday night as well. Breakfast, movie night, potlucks, bonfires and tons of riding included on our camping weekends!
Come back and join us on Sunday, September 23rd for our CIRCLE RIDE!!!  The Circle Ride consists of riding from the Proud Lake staging area to the Kensington staging area or visa versa! A portion of the proceeds of this ride will be donated to a local horse rescue.  Lunch will be served at both locations.  Camping will be at Proud Lake only starting on Friday, September 21st.  All of the above fun camping stuff is included in this one as well!!!!
Looking forward to seeing all of you very soon!!!!
Nancy Efrusy
Proud Lake Trail Riders”

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