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Coalition of State Horse Council’s 2018 Fall Conference

CSHC’S 2018 Fall Conference in Arizona Is Open to All MHC Members

The planning team for the 2018 Coalition of State Horse Councils (CSHC) Fall Conference has been busy planning its Fall event, to be held in Phoenix, Arizona. The Coalition is a permanent committee of the American Horse Council. It is comprised of AHC-member State Horse Councils. The various State Horse Councils around the country take turns hosting the Fall Conference, usually held the first weekend of November. Each Fall Conference is educational, but also different from all others; each is unique. You may recall the excellent Fall Conference hosted by Michigan in 2010.

The Arizona Horse Council is very excited to host the event this year. The Conference is being planned as an educational event. It will be a joint conference event of both the CSHC and the National Equestrian Trails Conference (NETC). There will be much to engage those who ride and work on trails, as well as those who advocate for trails. And there will be plenty of non-trail topics through out the weekend as well that would be of interest to all members of a State Horse Council, even those for whom trails is not their main interest.

Plan to be in Arizona at least November 2nd-4th this fall.  Hopefully you will be able to come early and stay late. Discounted hotel rates will be available if you can extend your stay.

This slide show and information provided about the Arizona Fall Conference was acquired from the Coalition of State Horse Councils on their website (www.coalitionofstatehorsecouncils.org). All credits and rights belong to them:

2018 Fall CSHC & TRAILS Conference

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